Conference Track
Date 24 Aug 2022 - 25 Aug 2022
Time 09:30 - 17:30 
Asia World Expo  Hong Kong 

The GBA Innovation & Technology Forum 

With the latest addition of Qianhai as a facilitator of the Greater Bay Area (GBA)’s development, the landmark initiative continues to gain momentum, aiming to create one of the world’s foremost economic and technology innovation hubs, rival with the bay areas of San Francisco, New York and Tokyo. While the GBA is expected to create business opportunities across all sectors, Technology and Innovation is identified as the top sector that will benefit the most.

How would the tech sector thrive in the GBA? What are the opportunities that lie ahead? How would Hong Kong businesses of all sizes gain from this collaborative initiative? What are the risks impacting their business plans? At the moment the concept of the initiative is still a at high level, but we are starting to see more implementation plans coming out. This forum will bring you latest insights on the region’s development framework, policies and practical analysis that matter most in your business. 

  • Real Business Implications and Potential Challenges
  • Mobility of Talent
  • Cross-boundary Integration Development
  • AI & Business Intelligence 
  • Infrastructure & Connectivity 
  • More



Cities like Hong Kong are rapidly evolving, driven by governments, talents in the cities and more and more importantly, technology. Where does the future of Hong Kong as a global city look like in the future? How will technology and innovation reshape the way Hong Kong is structured? Joining us with the insightful dialogue about our paveway to revive Hong Kong with energy, technology and future-proof city map.

*This session will not be held at physical event during 24 - 25 Aug, it will be available in our online conference programme in mid-Sep

Greater Bay Area - such a diverse geographical location spreading across several cities and regions, the formation of a company consisting of staff and offices scattered around to maximize business opportunities and flexibility.

To succeed in this new model, enterprises need to reimagine their business infrastructure like business connectivity and security compliance to support the flexibility demanded by the modernised organizations - without compromising security or user experience as well as maintaining compliance with local and international legal and regulatory framework.

Join us at this session to learn from industry experts about the latest customer use cases in utilizing SASE technology for capturing business opportunities in GBA