Conference Track
Date 24 Aug 2022 - 25 Aug 2022
Time 09:30 - 17:30 
Asia World Expo  Hong Kong 

As the backbone of many economies, the survival and growth of SMEs are essential. Yet, in the current era of transformation and digitalisation, SMEs are advancing its operations at a much lower rate than corporates. The rise of critical technologies such as big data, cybersecurity, B2B financing and cloud services presents SMEs the opportunities to catch up the transformation in an affordable manner, join us if you are ready to capture the advancement:

  • New ways of  financing businesses
  • Cybersecurity for SMEs
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Cloud for SMEs
  • Understanding commercial data
  • GBA opportunities


Cities like Hong Kong are rapidly evolving, driven by governments, talents in the cities and more and more importantly, technology. Where does the future of Hong Kong as a global city look like in the future? How will technology and innovation reshape the way Hong Kong is structured? Joining us with the insightful dialogue about our paveway to revive Hong Kong with energy, technology and future-proof city map.

COVID has brought tremendous changes to the business world by bringing many daily processes online and accelerating the process of digital transformation. Many employees now prefer and ask for work from home arrangements. This brings a significant change to the management of companies. Neufast has developed a remote video interview and assessment solution that help business navigate remote recruitment using technologies while striking the balance to satisfy personal data privacy concerns. This talk will also discuss the user cases and the business results the system has delivered.

Artificial intelligence requiring large amounts of data processing has driven high performance computing servers (HPC) to be increasingly popular while consuming huge amounts of power. The IT infrastructure for hosting such applications is expected to be more reliable and powerful than ever.

The session will cover how our expertise in both E&M and IT area, to design the greenest and edge datacenters to be used in conjunction with our high density HPC datacenter solutions. We will share case highlights on the application of these technologies. Finally, we will showcase how the latest DCIM software maximizes the utility of IoT sensors, to monitor and manage these facilities.

The shift to Security Service Edge (SASE) as the security architecture of choice together with the adoption of Zero Trust, continues to gain momentum amongst organizations across the globe.
Driven by network modernization and digital transformation projects, SSE and Zero Trust have become highly sought-after approaches to deliver agility and flexibility while increasing the security and protection of staff and critical business data, no matter where they reside. Are you ready to adopt these approaches? Are you prepared to make the change?
In this session, we’ll share insights into key network and security transformation considerations to prepare your network and business for SSE and Zero Trust. We’ll also offer valuable resources to take away and allow time for a Q&A session at the end, so have your questions ready for me on the day!

Research shows that 90% of data professionals say their work has been slowed by unreliable data sources, 86% of analysts still struggle with outdated data and only 32% of companies feel they are realizing tangible value from their data. Inefficient organizational structures and architectural decisions contribute to the gap between companies having aggregating data and making it work for them.

To accelerate your organization’s ability to digitally transform and reimagine your business through data-powered innovation, Dr. Michael Chen will discuss the decision points necessary in creating a unified analytics data platform to modernize your business intelligence solution for real-time & predictive analytics on Google Cloud, and the emerging trends of a modernized BI that unlocks the power of data for real-time insights and prediction.

According to Radware’s research, 70% of production applications now run in the public cloud. This means that increasingly, ‘cloud’ security is becoming synonymous with cyber security. The issue of identity and access management in the public cloud is now becoming a big concern.

Join Radware to learn more about today’s evolving and dynamic threats and some of the best practices to securing cloud environments.

Headline breaches, ransomware and even common hacks all routinely exploit well-known attack paths. By identifying, understanding and disrupting these attack paths before exploitation, you greatly reduce the probability of a breach. Join us to learn how Tenable will enable your security team to preemptively focus response ahead of attacks through our combined attack path analysis and prioritization capabilities.

Blockchain 101: one major type of blockchain - consortium blockchain; What are the strength/ advantages of consortium blockchain; How do brands and customers benefit from using consortium blockchain? How's the current Hong Kong market being adaptable to this disruptive technology?

Conversational commerce is fast leading the retail industry into blooming success. From apparel and fashion, foods and groceries, to tech gadgets and furniture, retailers are adopting consumer-centric strategies to design a faster, more convenient, and seamless path to purchase. Conversations and in-depth connections on various social channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more are now the popular way to sell. Join us at Asia World Expo to explore this potential trillion-dollar megatrend and learn how to fill in the gaps with advanced tools and integrations on SleekFlow’s omnichannel, all-in-one platform. The future of e-commerce awaits.

Moving to Cloud bring along new challenges for cybersecurity, and on the other hand Cloud-assist bringing greater capability to cybersecurity solutions. How to chose the perfect mix and create the ideal secured Hybrid environment for your organization? What are the main factors to consider to build a effective defence against new cyber-attacks – with and without, public or private cloud?

The new normal forces enterprises to transform their way of operations. HKET, one of the city's pioneers to adopt Cloud solutions for their diversified media service platforms, will share with the wider audience how they joined hands with HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES) to plan for their digital transformation journey and achieve success together. Come and hear from these industry experts and find out which Cloud tech suits your business needs.

SMEs and early-stage startups have always been underbanked, being the least favourite group of customers to be served by traditional banks. With the low-interest-rate era coming to an end, together with the rising business uncertainties, the financing for this group of businesses is expected to be even more challenging. How can SMEs and startups be financed to further their growth and expansion, or merely to survive through the post-covid transition? At today’s panel, we will look into the alternative channels in this regard.

As consumer habits evolve along with technological advancement, businesses can no longer afford inefficiency hindering their growth. How can companies align sales and marketing to enhance customer experience and increase conversion? Learn how to leverage CRM and data-driven marketing solutions to create a cohesive combined effort in driving better marketing and sales results.

Often we hear “Buy Now, Pay Later” for consumers but have you thought of “Grow Now, Pay Later” for your company? In this session, Choco Up will introduce you to revenue-based financing, a brand-new source of funding for startups and digital merchants, allowing you to grab the business opportunities before they’re gone.

Conversational customer experience is a type of CX that doesn’t only focus on problem-solving. It aims to build long-term relationships with customers that results in greater customer loyalty, improved brand image, and ultimately, more revenue. Infobip will share benefits, pillars, use cases, and examples of a conversational customer experience to show how it can increase engagement, satisfaction, and ROI.

Commerce has come a long way since early humans bartered grain for livestock. Every step of the way, technology has been disrupting how humans trade. Today, amid the post-pandemic new normal, and as AI technologies drive real-time, digital decision-making, brands are once again reconsidering how they sell and distribute their products. 

Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for marketing and advertising is growing at a very fast pace. Brands are increasingly embracing technology and harnessing the power of data and AI to enhance customer experience, provide better products or services and drive sales. Given the technology’s enormous potential, marketers must understand the types of marketing AI applications available today and how they may evolve in light of new regulations.

We will explore this paradigm shift, revealing how AI is changing the way brands operate, reach potential customers and drive long-term loyalty. Two real cases of AI implementation with Shiseido Hong Kong and one of the world's leading FMCG groups will be introduced, discussing how to design a winning AI-powered marketing strategy as well as the inherent challenges of such projects.

There are countless workflows, databases, and reports in the daily operations of running a business, but you seldom find them well organized. Many businesses lack the resources of developing a system or could not figure out an effective way to streamline data management and workflows. YOOV PLUS is a No-Code platform where you can build your own system for your business. Tailor-made your unique system in an agile, fast and simple by using drag and drop tools. Build report and workflow in a button and without any coding. YOOV PLUS is a Platform, and not a vertical-industry system. Users can build their own management systems to manage different aspects of their core business.

Crisis management has become increasingly challenging in today’s digital world. A single social media post can rapidly turn into a PR nightmare. When a crisis hits, the way an organisation acts and communicates often determines how the crisis may unravel. In this session, CARMA Asia’s Charles Cheung shares the role of AI, data and human analysis in crisis management, and how to successfully navigate a crisis to mitigate its impact.

Hybrid work is here to stay. The pandemic has led to a stabilisation of remote work and profoundly challenged long-held attitudes about how, when, and where work is done. Organisations should focus their attention on the agile worker experience whilst also covering the needs of the hybrid employee interacting with the corporate workplace by digitally enhancing the office collaboration spaces.

On top of that, the safety, health, and wellbeing of employees and customers are more crucial than ever for all businesses and workplaces to consider. The right technology and policies can empower your business to adapt seamlessly to changing compliance demands. Technology is not the magic bullet, though— rather, it is the enabler for hybrid workplaces to ensure an open flow of information.

This presentation will walk you through the essentials - SPACE, PEOPLE & TECHNOLOGY, how to incorporate them to make hybrid working successful.

Digital transformation, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has become an essential turning point that is fundamental for the survival and success of businesses. Operating digitally with tact and efficiency requires certain skills and proficiency in the latest technology, especially when you’re attempting to build a user-friendly online store, set up secured payment methods, and create a seamless social order-to-payment ecosystem that is smooth and intuitive for both customers and employees. 

In building over 100+ products and ventures in IoT, robotics, consumer electronics and even aerospace, learn how you can create prototypes and products that are:
•    Faster than the usual 12 to 18 months most agencies propose,
•    Better than most experienced founders and teams (even with poor tech skills), and
•    Cheaper than what consulting and engineering firms or industrial partners would recommend.

Established in 1999 in Silicon Valley, RingCentral has been a leader in Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). Inspired by the vision of “Work From Anywhere”, RingCentral’s cloud communication platform provides a reliable digital core for business collaborations anywhere, anytime, on any device. 


The pandemic has accelerated many changes in traditional work models. Whether you are in a hybrid workplace, expanding business across locations, or simply in need of a new communication method for new business models, RingCentral’s cloud platform enables enterprises of all sizes to digitalize effective communications and thus innovate and unleash new business possibilities.

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal.

When it comes to success, we often see the sugar-coated glory, but in reality, how can you reach the top without falling?

Fuckup Nights Hong Kong is a speaker series and community that shares stories of professional failure. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all. 

At Revive, Fuckup Nights is delighted to invite two speakers to share their stories of reality, the moment of truth:

  • Sophia Hotung, writer and illustrator to tell us all about her story of disabled entrepreneurship in action
  • Kevin Brisebios, Head of Growth at VTVL, who are also an experienced advisor to startups and VCs in Web 3

See you on Aug 25 at the Leadership and Unicorn stage to break the stigmas, and to learn how failure is healthy and essential to learning and growing.