Conference Track
Date 24 Aug 2022 - 25 Aug 2022
Time 09:30 - 17:30 
Asia World Expo  Hong Kong 

Benefited from the proliferation of the “work-from-anywhere” culture and the boom in e-commerce, cloud has become one of the biggest technological winners in the past two years for its ability to facilitate innovation and enable flexibility and cost saving. The momentum is still strong and ever growing – from a linear evolution to an exponential evolution. 

The unprecedented demand has stretched the data centre industry – as the backbone of the global digital economy – to its limits. Combined with infrastructure issues, space and sustainability considerations, data centre leaders will need to quickly find ways to increase capacity as well as to prioritise the efficient operation of physical pace to improve their bottom line.  

This track focuses on everything related to Cloud technologies and Data Centre – discover the newest innovations and tools, understand the latest market dynamics & potential challenges and hear strategic advice from leading industry experts! 

  • Edge Computing
  • Serverless Functions
  • Kubernetes Enabling Blockchain
  • AI in Cloud Computing
  • Cloud-Gaming
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud
  • As-a-service
  • Climate Change & Data Centre
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency


Cities like Hong Kong are rapidly evolving, driven by governments, talents in the cities and more and more importantly, technology. Where does the future of Hong Kong as a global city look like in the future? How will technology and innovation reshape the way Hong Kong is structured? Joining us with the insightful dialogue about our paveway to revive Hong Kong with energy, technology and future-proof city map.

With digitization and increased market demand, the data center industry is ever-changing and ever-growing, putting more pressure on data center operators. The IT infrastructure landscape has evolved from individual data centers to distributed, hybrid IT, and has become increasingly complex. In this session, we will share our approach on how to tackle this unique challenge, enabling enterprises and colocation facilities to maintain the resiliency, security and sustainability of the IT systems in today’s digital-first world.

A discussion between Google, Microsoft, AWS and IBM. "With great power comes great responsibility", when it comes to driving sustainability in the technology industries, tech giants are bearing higher expectations from regulators, consumers and peers to act more and act faster, as their commitments will potentially result in enormous impacts. What are they doing to lead this green transformation?

Cloud computing has gone through a tremendous evolution with the rise of the everything-as-a-service (XaaS) model, revolutionizing how businesses set up end-to-end digital infrastructure. This session takes an in-depth look at the way XaaS is shifting businesses’ digital strategy to drive innovation, improve operations and create business agility. Equinix offers customers a choice of dedicated, highly customizable Digital Infrastructure and global interconnection services that are faster and easier to deploy as a service, enabling them to assemble infrastructure in minutes, on-demand, anywhere, from an ecosystem of providers. Equinix’s Digital Infrastructure services make deployment of private and hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure as simple as public cloud, provide end users with an optimized way to consume their applications.

Artificial intelligence requiring large amounts of data processing has driven high performance computing servers (HPC) to be increasingly popular while consuming huge amounts of power. The IT infrastructure for hosting such applications is expected to be more reliable and powerful than ever.

The session will cover how our expertise in both E&M and IT area, to design the greenest and edge datacenters to be used in conjunction with our high density HPC datacenter solutions. We will share case highlights on the application of these technologies. Finally, we will showcase how the latest DCIM software maximizes the utility of IoT sensors, to monitor and manage these facilities.

Cloud-based digital applications have proven to be important for business success in the new normal. Enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation journeys by optimising IT infrastructure with secure cloud connections.

In this session, the cloud expert from CTG will give his exclusive insights into end-to-end cloud solutions comprised with CTG eCloud services, Dedicated Cloud Solution, SD-WAN, multi-cloud connection& managed service, and how the extensive network resources and global cloud & Internet Data Centre coverage of CTG will help you to enhance IT operation and expand your business globally.

Veeam recently published the results of the largest independent research project in the data protection industry, from 3,393 unbiased organizations across 28 countries. One of the key findings in that research revealed that only 24% were not attacked by ransomware. Undoubtedly, ransomware attacks are one the rise. Having a data backup is only the first step to protect your digital enterprise. In this section, Chris will share the best practises of data protection against ransomware attack, as well as some useful tips if you have used public clouds in your environment.

Research shows that 90% of data professionals say their work has been slowed by unreliable data sources, 86% of analysts still struggle with outdated data and only 32% of companies feel they are realizing tangible value from their data. Inefficient organizational structures and architectural decisions contribute to the gap between companies having aggregating data and making it work for them.

To accelerate your organization’s ability to digitally transform and reimagine your business through data-powered innovation, Dr. Michael Chen will discuss the decision points necessary in creating a unified analytics data platform to modernize your business intelligence solution for real-time & predictive analytics on Google Cloud, and the emerging trends of a modernized BI that unlocks the power of data for real-time insights and prediction.

Embracing digital transformation can help businesses unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity and agility. But it also presents them with new challenges and complexities.  

In this discussion with Console Connect, Master Concept and Kyndryl, we dig deeper into the main considerations facing enterprises as they accelerate their journey to the cloud.

The future of IT is hybrid. The global COVID-19 pandemic has not only taught enterprises how to become agile, but leaders are realizing the importance of having business continuity planning. According to Red Hat 2022 Global Tech Outlook, hybrid has emerged as the most commonly used cloud strategy. With agility being one of the core values among many enterprises at present, hybrid cloud provides a flexible IT infrastructure which can dynamically scale to meet changing business needs. It acts as a framework bringing together the application running on premises or any cloud provide (private or public) and enabling innovation. Albert shall explore more on how Hong Kong businesses are meeting changing market needs with open hybrid cloud and its significance amid the post-COVID era.  

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises to meet with the changing needs of the employees, the customers and the stakeholders. Enterprises are migrating workloads to hybrid clouds and multi-clouds which require enhanced connections to the cloud service providers to access their applications. Enterprises are moving applications from on-prem to SaaS to reduce cost, improve scalability and reliability in which application performance is based on the internet connection. Enterprises are moving into hybrid work environments which require a distributed approach to secure remote access from the employees. Enterprises are responding to growing cyber-security threats with increased reliance on internet to access applications and remote employees working anywhere. By adopting SD WAN and SASE, enterprises can modernize the networks to enable better application performance, enhance user experience and increase security. 

ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) has transformed the business landscape as the risks of climate change and social issues become more evident today. It is increasingly important for businesses to prepare and become more agile, efficient, resilient and sustainable,  adapting to changing needs in the workplace. Expectations for better space management, employee well-being and operational efficiency are some of today’s workplace challenges that affect both occupants and building management. In this session, discover how new technologies can create smart, resilient and sustainable workplaces by reducing facility management costs and increasing business productivity, compliance, and transparency – from strategy to implementation, shaping the future of work.

DevOps have grown for 13 years. It has not only changed the cooperation  between developers and IT Ops but also supplied a new method to build software for technical organizations.The topic will show you a new model named ASEM which is built based on DevOps but beyond DevOps.

As digital transformation accelerates, data centre capacity continues to boom to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. At the same time, climate change and corporate social responsibility are now driving a mandate for data centre operators. There is mounting pressure from regulators, investors, and customers for data centre operators to act for sustainability.

In this panel, our speakers will discuss how companies can leverage new technologies to respond to the sustainability drivers with a holistic framework, from data centre design, construction to operation. The panel will also share their views on the future of data centres in the context of sustainability.

According to Radware’s research, 70% of production applications now run in the public cloud. This means that increasingly, ‘cloud’ security is becoming synonymous with cyber security. The issue of identity and access management in the public cloud is now becoming a big concern.

Join Radware to learn more about today’s evolving and dynamic threats and some of the best practices to securing cloud environments.

Multi-Cloud Data Services, enables customers to connect file, block and object storage consumed as a service, directly to the public cloud or multiple clouds of their choice (VMC on AWS, AWS, Azure, GCP) for Disaster Recovery as well as many multi-cloud use cases such as analytics, test/dev, or to support specific use cases in select vertical markets where compute intensive file workloads require high throughput and low latency.  This is done through a high-speed, low latency connection from Dell storage at a managed service provider to the cloud(s).  Organizations gain an on demand, cloud consumption model for both compute workloads and storage, compliance, sovereignty and the high performance, up to 6-9s availability, and scalability of Dell storage.

The new normal forces enterprises to transform their way of operations. HKET, one of the city's pioneers to adopt Cloud solutions for their diversified media service platforms, will share with the wider audience how they joined hands with HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES) to plan for their digital transformation journey and achieve success together. Come and hear from these industry experts and find out which Cloud tech suits your business needs.

With the rise of mobile devices, cloud computing, and digital services, we are seeing a massive shift in how we work. This change creates a new normal characterized by a combination of physical offices and remote workers. In this session, we will dive into workforce mobility, security concerns, resource allocation and cost efficiencies.

The combination of IoT technology and AI development is helping IT managers to run a successful workstation management. Transforming your traditional data center infrastructure to smart edge technology enables stable and effective management of massive number of smart office devices. Tim Tong is committed to providing leading smart workplace solution including latest smart data center technology to support seamless integration of your office smart devices into IOT enabled workplace.

To share the effortless way to create a hybrid cloud environment spanning multiple datacenters and public cloud so that it can very rapidly burst workload/capacity between environments when need.