10 Great Tech Books to Gift (or Keep for Yourself)
Treat the techie in your life to tomes revealing the inner workings of the companies and characters shaping big tech.

Source: WEIRD, "10 Great Tech Books to Gift (or Keep for Yourself)" by Simon Hill.

TECHNOLOGY IS EXERTING an ever-growing influence on our world. A cast including Facebook—or Meta—Google, and Apple, with leads like Elon MuskJeff Bezos, and Elizabeth Holmes, looms large in the public consciousness. Give the gift of knowledge to enlighten the technology-obsessed people in your life and help them learn more about the companies and characters dominating the industry, the news cycle, and, increasingly, our lives.

From painstakingly researched biographies and histories charting the rise and fall of modern business empires to deep dives into the birth of influential gadgets, these are some of the best tech books to gift. You may also be interested in our roundup of the seven books you need to read this winter and our guide to the Best Kindles.

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