Be an Advocate

"We’re changing the world with technology. - Bill Gates

Our Aims & Missions

We aim to connect the tech ecosystems in Asia and drive growth & impact together. To inspire ideas, find solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and influence the next-gen leaders.

Benefits of being an Advocate


VIP invitation to industry networking events


Potential speaking opportunities at events


Official listing on Revive Tech Asia website


Exposure on various channels including newsletter, social media and website
Your Engagement

There is no time commitment or minimum engagement required being an Advocate; you can engage as much or as little as you like. However all advocates, irrespective of their level of engagement, are required to:

Be “On message” about the tech sector in Asia
Help expand tech sector by introducing advocates
Help one another to establish a strong and vibrant technology and tech-enabled business sector

Be an Advocate

If you wish to be an Advocate, please email or contact an existing Advocate you know who will bring you into the group.