Special Event
Date 18 Oct 2023 - 31 Dec 2024
Time 18 OCT 2023 16:30 
Sky100, ICC  Hong Kong 

95% of both B2C and B2B executives say they believe their customers are changing faster than they can change their businesses. Looking for the latest tech and strategies in CX and marketing? Eager to learn from other brands? Join us for a dose of inspiration at Revive Tech Asia. These sessions are too good to miss!​

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The Future of UX Design: Trends Designers Should Prepare for in 2024
• Isla Yu, Head of Customer Experience & Research Strategy, Greater China, Qualtrics
• Ernest Hui, Head of UX/UI Design, Cathay Pacific
• Jaslin Goh, Chief Marketing Officer, PayMe by HSBC
• Justin Cheung, Associate Director, UX Design, AIA

Rethinking AI and its impact on Business and Humanity
• Daniel Hulme, Chief AI Officer of WPP and CEO of Satalia

Empowering the World to Design with Canva
• Susan Zhang, Product Localisation Teams Lead, Canva

Marketing & Sales 2.0: The Gen AI Revolution
• James Coghill, Industry Leader, Travel, Google
• Melissa Lau, Head of Business Product Marketing, Greater China Region, Meta
• David Lee, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Product Innovation, EternityX

Strategy spotlight: M&S on the next stage of its transformation
• Idriss Selhoum, Head of Technology - Cloud & Infrastructure, Marks and Spencer

How Will the Metaverse Really Affect Business?
• Prof. Andy Chun, Adjunct Professor of City University of Hong Kong , Former Vice-President of Hong Kong Computer Society , and Regional Director, Technology Innovation of Prudential plc
• Kevin Kwong, General Manager, 9GAG
• Olivia Lee, Co-Founder, LIVVIUM
• Lewis M. Lupton, Chief Metaverse Officer, Shadow Factory


Revive Tech Asia 2023 Business Innovation Show Sky 100 Oct 18-19 Marketing Innovation Night Customer Experience


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, UX design plays a pivotal role in shaping user interactions and experiences. Staying abreast of the latest trends in User Experience provides designers with valuable insights and inspiration to create innovative, user-centric products. As we approach 2024, new trends emerge, offering exciting opportunities to reimagine user experiences. This panel discussion aims to explore and unpack these groundbreaking trends, providing insights for professionals who strive to stay ahead of the curve.

Daniel provides a radical new framework for thinking about AI, and discusses how organisations can practically adopt these technologies and avoid being seduced by the hype. He argues that whilst these technologies are incredible at creating growth and streamlining operations, for companies to stay innovative they need to also use AI to unlock the creative capacity of their workforce. Daniel also covers the macro impact these technologies may have over the coming decades. 

The emergence of the metaverse has sparked considerable interest and curiosity within the business world. This panel discussion aims to explore how the metaverse will truly affect businesses. Join us as we delve into the transformative potential of the metaverse and its implications for marketing strategies, customer engagement, and brand experiences.

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and visual communication platform with a mission to empower everyone to design anything and publish anywhere. 
We have users in more than 190 countries and product available in more than 100 languages. More than 200 designs are created with Canva per second. 
Join the session to hear about How did Canva start? What are Canva's goals for the future? And most importantly, how have we grown Canva's team and culture.