Special Event
Date 18 Oct 2023 - 31 Dec 2024
Time 18 OCT 2023 18:30 
Sky100, ICC  Hong Kong 


“Founders After Hours” 18 Oct at sky100 - Designed just for founders, we're diving deep into startup-corporate dynamics, mastering stakeholder management, nailing down effective scaling, and leveraging Hong Kong's unique global edge. A big shout out to MTR for their support! 
Your guide for the evening will be Morgan Pelissier, co-founder of Sparkmate, who will be asking those burning questions every founder is eager to discuss.
To add to the excitement, we’re including an “Ask Me Anything” session. This is your golden opportunity to voice your questions, share your struggles, and swap stories about your entrepreneurial journey.
Our charismatic emcee, Vivek Mahbubani, will set the stage for this insightful evening with his boundless energy. Founders – don’t miss this gathering at Revive Tech Asia!

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Say Hello to…

  • Leo Ng, Chief Digital Officer, MTR
    MTR Corporation's very first Chief Digital Officer, tasked with leading digitalization strategies. With a whopping 30+ years of experience, he's a global authority on digital transformation.
  • Morgan Pelissier, Co-founder, Sparkmate
    A dynamic entrepreneur, co-founder of Sparkmate (a product development and venture builder firm active in IoT product design and industry disruption), podcast host, and thrill-seeking adventurer!
  • Derek Kwik, Managing Partner, BraveSoldier Ventures
    An operations-focused leader with over two decades of market entry experience and an impressive track record in emerging technologies across Asia Pacific and US. He's also a TEDx speaker and author.
  • Kiki Wang, General Manager, MTR Lab
    With a rich background in innovation and investment across Asia and North America, Kiki now leads the MTR Lab team, building a new I&T-based growth engine via venture building and investment activities.
  • Igor Duc, Founder & CEO, Native Union
    A 'creative person without creative talent' launching a French furniture brand, then hops over to Hong Kong and co-founded Native Union! All to elevate modern essentials with incredible design and quality. A fun-filled adventure you won't want to miss!

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Register Your Interest Now for Revive Tech Asia Founders After Hours


Register Your Interest Now for Revive Tech Asia Founders After Hours