Interview with SmartMore on Smart Manufacturing
The Pioneer in Intelligent Manufacturing

77% Manufacturers felt they should increase #SmartTech adoption, only half of them was willing to make investments. Why is that? We worked with Kenneth Wan from CORPHUB to interview Tandy Tan, General Manager of SmartMore Corporation – the pioneer in #IntelligentManufacturing. A few key takeaways in below


  • Most companies are still new to the Smart Manufacturing concept​
  • Would rather hire more labour than implementing new tech – easier for them​
  • The data of traditional manufacturers are usually fragmented and lack of quantity and quality​
  • Lack of workforce education​

Smart Manufacturing in supporting #ESG:​

  • Reduced number of accidents and injuries​
  • Minimised raw product waste with optimised material flow​
  • Create new and diverse jobs​

Coming up SmartMore will be launching their new initiatives at HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, they will also be joining Revive Tech Asia Tech Asia on 24th – 25th Aug to share their vision in shaping the future of manufacturing with their latest innovations and one-stop solutions. Register for your free #ReviveTechAsia visitor pass now at !​


Please find the full video interview here.

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