The Office Renaissance: A Space We Will All Love

The Office Renaissance: A Space We Will All Love?

As we navigate beyond the pandemic, one lasting effect continues to challenge the concept of physical office spaces - the popularity and adoption to remote work.

Traditional office environments, once regarded as the primary workspace, have struggled to regain their prominence during and after the pandemic, at least from the employees’ perspective, as globally 58% employees find office space creates barriers for them to stay concentrated and be productive. Despite numerous incentives to encourage employees to return to the office and disincentives to keep them away from home-based setups, including an untold yet popular view among 84% of global employers:  career prospects would be limited to those remote-only staff, majority of workers still prefer the flexibility of remote work.

Hong Kong and Singapore, the two leading cities hosting most regional headquarters in Asia, share a similar struggle with their European and American counterparts as respectively 60% and 54% of employees there are unwilling to hop on the daily commuting trains to office

When examining the incentives and disincentives offered by companies, it becomes clear that they often focus on fringe benefits rather than addressing fundamental aspects of the physical office environment.

How can we rekindle the trend of working from physical office spaces? What strategies should be employed when designing or redesigning offices? Is replicating the comfort of a home office the solution?

For those facing challenges in bringing their teams back to the office or those who have lost interest in traditional office setups, Revive Tech Asia 2023 invites you on a thoughtful journey to explore the many possibilities for the future of your workplace.

Highlighted Sessions:

  • IKEA for Business’s Vision for the Evolving Workspaces: Redefining Post-Pandemic Office Design and the Future of Work

    As a leader in this field, visitors may be keen to learn about IKEA’s predictions for future trends in workspace design and how IKEA would plan to meet those needs. / Discussing how workspace design have been influenced by the shift to a mixture of remote and hybrid work during the pandemic – adaptive.

    Speaker: Celine Su, Deputy Head of Sales, IKEA North Asia, IKEA, The Dairy Farm Company Limited
  • Workplace Tech x Design - The Great Return: Designing Workspaces to Win Over the Reluctant

    The relationship that employees have with the workplace has evolved since the pandemic - they now need a compelling reason to go into office. In this session we'll explore how, beyond aesthetics, a well-designed workspace is crucial in drawing employees back into the office. We'll discuss how to create a space that not only serves diverse work needs—promoting collaboration and providing privacy for deep focus tasks. Join us to understand how to design workspaces that accommodate these evolving needs, inspire employees to return and make them proud to be part of your organisation.

    Speaker: Joanne Morris, Head of Design and Delivery, Unispace
  • Workplace Tech x Design - Workplace Tech Trends: Key Insights Designers Can't Miss

    This informative session will guide you through the latest technology trends shaping the future of workspace design. Discover how modern tools and technologies can enhance functionality, improve user experience, and create more engaging work environments, all while maintaining aesthetic appeal. This is a must-attend for designers seeking to keep their work cutting-edge, user-centered, and relevant in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

    Speaker: Niko Walraven, Regional Director APAC, NEAT
  • Workplace Tech x Design: Illuminating Wellness: The Influence of Lighting on Workplace Wellbeing

    Light helps us see better, feel better, and function better. We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, often in locations without enough windows or proper access to daylight. This stops people getting the light they need to perform at their best. Natural light has a huge impact on productivity. It improves creativity, mood and alertness, reduces stress and contributes to better sleep. There is new technology recreating natural light in indoor settings, to bring the benefits of daylight indoors.

    Speaker: Tung Wong, Head of Marketing, Signify


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