Revive Tech Asia Awards

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Revive Tech Asia Awards programme is open to companies, individuals and organisations pushing technological boundaries and driving innovation across various projects.  

  • The awards are for innovative projects that applied technology and have significantly enhanced the company's business. 

  • All entries, whether by self-recommendation or nomination, must be submitted with the application form. 

  • Coverage period for the entry, regardless the completion date, shall fall within the period between 1 January 2022 to 28 February 2023 and the entry shall not be submitted in the following years. 

  • References may be incorporated in the form to support any information expressly stated therein. 

  • Nominations will be deliberated by a judging committee based on write-ups and supporting documents received. 

  • Finalist with the highest score of every Award wins the Awards. There will only be one winning company per each Award. 

  • The Organiser has the right to amend the competition rules, make other arrangements, and not to present some of the awards without giving prior notice to participants. 


Q: How do I know if I am eligible to make a submission?  

A: We highly encourage companies, individuals and organisations to submit as we have numerous award categories to choose from. 

Q: Is self-nomination permitted?  

A: Yes, we accept self-nomination submissions. We also accept third party submissions, should you wish to nominate an external party or vice versa. 

Q: Is there a fee required to make a submission in the RTA Award 2023? 

A: No, there is no fee payment required for you and/or your company to make a submission. 

Q: When will the finalists and winners be announced? 

A: The shortlist of finalists will be released around 8-12 weeks prior to the Awards Ceremony. The winners will be exclusively announced at the Awards Ceremony on 19 October 2023. 

Q: What is the nomination process and assessment? 

A: Revive Tech Asia will compile all submission entries, and extensively review each submission to ensure the criteria are met in order to advance to the shortlist of finalists. The nomination process is fair, impartial and not subject to external influences. 

Q: How are the winners chosen? 

A: An independent judging panel will review and score for the Awards. The score for each Award will be tabulated, and the finalist with the highest score will be announced as the winner. 

Q: What are the award categories that I can take part in? 

A: Any company or individual may take part in multiple Awards. Revive Tech Asia reserves the right to move entries from one award to another if appropriate. In case of any dispute, Revive Tech Asia’s interpretation and decision shall be final.  

Q: Who will be on the judging panel for the Revive Tech Asia Awards 2023? 

A: There will be an independent judging panel consist of at least 20 senior and expert tech industry leaders to review the submission materials. The judging panel will be selected on the basis of their expertise and knowledge, and will be comprised from various sectors to correspond to the diverse list of awards. A partial list of judges' names will be released prior to the Awards Ceremony, and the remaining judges will be revealed on the evening of the Awards Ceremony. 

Q: What will my contact information be used for? 

A: All contact information provided will not be disclosed to external parties; and will only be seen by the team and the judging panel. Revive Tech Asia will keep the information on record internally for the purpose of contacting you in case of additional information/clarification is required. 

Q: Where will my name/ company name be published if we are a finalist or winner? 

A: As a finalist and/or winner, your name or your company name will be published in Revive Tech Asia Awards materials and printed event booklet. Please contact us for more information. 

Q: Is my submission confidential? 

A: Any information submitted will only be reviewed by the Revive Tech Asia team and independent judging panel, whose names will be published. The material submitted will only be disclosed to the above. If there is any information that is strictly confidential, please mark clearly on the submission form. Though we do our best to maintain the security of the information you provide, any information transmitted is done at your own risk and Revive Tech Asia is not responsible for any unauthorized transmission of information. 


I would like to sponsor the Revive Tech Asia Awards 2023. 

Please contact for further details regarding sponsorship. 

Who should attend the Awards Ceremony? Can I attend? 

We welcome all finalists and non-finalists to join the Awards Ceremony, please contact for more details. 

I would like to order a winner's trophy and/or certificate (for finalists and winners). 

Please contact for more details. 

Do we have to attend the Awards Ceremony to win? 

Attendance is not a must to win. Attendance is however highly recommended for the benefit of finalist who have worked particularly hard to gain recognition and the prestigious award that they will be honored with during the ceremony. At the Awards Ceremony, our photography and videography team will capture all exclusive moments to be shared with the attendees after the event.