Conference Track
Date 24 Aug 2022 - 25 Aug 2022
Time 09:30 - 17:30 
Asia World Expo  Hong Kong 

The pandemic-inflicted challenges in the past two years forced businesses to take extraordinary crisis management measures in real time, with zero planning. The massive scale of the outbreak and its unpredictability make it challenging for executives to respond. As we step into 2022, business leaders, amid the tough challenges such as the Great Resignation, talent war, digital transformation roadblocks, supply chain disruption, ESG compliances, have to find ways to switch from a survival mode strategy and utilise the experience to prepare for an ever-changing future. 

On the other hand, despite so much loss and pain the pandemic has created, it has put tremendous mojo in accelerating the Unicorn boom – in 2022, unicorns are being minted at a rate of more than one a day.

This track aims to give busy executives the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest leadership concepts and business trends. Join us if you are looking for some executive inspirations and would like to discuss tomorrow’s challenges as well as share ideas on how to leverage current business opportunities. 


Cities like Hong Kong are rapidly evolving, driven by governments, talents in the cities and more and more importantly, technology. Where does the future of Hong Kong as a global city look like in the future? How will technology and innovation reshape the way Hong Kong is structured? Joining us with the insightful dialogue about our paveway to revive Hong Kong with energy, technology and future-proof city map.

Leading a business with legacy has never been an easy job, leading a business with legacy to transform and innovate is an even more challenging job. Fortunately, there are quite some successful transformation stories here in Hong Kong. Let’s dig into their aspiring accomplishments and learn about the bitter-sweet behind.

Silicon Valley showed us that technology has the power to change our world. As Hong Kong strives to become a leading international innovation and technology hub, can we go one-step further to become a Silicon Valley of  Social Impact - or an “Impact Valley” that can change our global citizen’s lives for the better?

This panel discussion features four practitioners from the social impact and technology space, to collectively explore and share their experiences on the power of purpose in unleashing technology for social good while growing business value.

Space travel and Metaverse travel with interactive and immersive VR destinations and attractions semms not too far from us and innovative technologies are shaping where, how & why we travel now and in future. In this panel travel and technology industry experts share their insights on how technology helps in the current travel arrangement and experience, what is the most game-changing technology for the future of travel (Metaverse, Ai, Robotics?), and what changes, impacts and benefits the game-changing technology could bring to the travel industry and travelers.


NTT & Pacific Highways have won the awards with their innovative travel technology solutions in Japan. Prof Tristan BRAUD has rich experience in Metaverse development.

Enterprise agility reflects the ability of an organisation responding to changes. Through advancing enterprise agility, it helps businesses to accelerate the speed of digital transformation, innovation and other new processes within the organisation. It is thus essential to adopt the right strategy to enhance enterprise agility. 

We are, inarguably, living in a time of change - the way of working and organisational decision-making have entered a whole new era. Businesses must reassess their digital transformation strategies and core competitiveness in no time in order to keep pace with the evolving digital world and customer needs. 

This panel discussion will deep dive into how organisations should effectively evaluate their existing digital strategies to take a leap forward into truly delivering innovation, values and unique customer experiences at speed and scale.

In the startup world, a unicorn is any startup with a valuation of $1B+. There are over 1,100 unicorns in the world as of July 2022. Without venture capital, 90 percent of new startups fail. ParticleX is one of the most active early stage venture capital, having invested in over 40 promising and award-winning startups.

In this panel discussion, you will learn:

  • How investors bridge the funding gap, as well as what elements and support startups require.
  • How to scale up a startup business after raising funds
  • How startups' innovative technology is transforming future trends

The metaverse is quickly becoming the next digital frontier that everyone will want to conquer. Organizations have already been looking to metaverse as a means of connection and new sources of revenue. Leveraging the AI technologies, metaverse could have huge impact on businesses and our daily lives. In this session, our panel will explore different potential and different business approaches in metaverse.

In building over 100+ products and ventures in IoT, robotics, consumer electronics and even aerospace, learn how you can create prototypes and products that are:
•    Faster than the usual 12 to 18 months most agencies propose,
•    Better than most experienced founders and teams (even with poor tech skills), and
•    Cheaper than what consulting and engineering firms or industrial partners would recommend.

In today’s commercial environment, it is essential to engage customers in a personally, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the technologies to enable companies to understand and interact with the consumers and to revolutionize the retail industry by improving efficiency, accuracy, and personalization capabilities. They can interpret data and perform analysis at a speed and volume beyond human capabilities. As a result, retailers could generate predictive analytics to deliver targeted marketing and advertising, discover market trends, predict consumer behavior, forecast sales, minimize customer churn, optimize restocking, assortment planning, size optimization, promotions planning, and more. Our panel experts will share their real-life experience in supporting retailers large or small.

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal.

When it comes to success, we often see the sugar-coated glory, but in reality, how can you reach the top without falling?

Fuckup Nights Hong Kong is a speaker series and community that shares stories of professional failure. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all. 

At Revive, Fuckup Nights is delighted to invite two speakers to share their stories of reality, the moment of truth:

  • Sophia Hotung, writer and illustrator to tell us all about her story of disabled entrepreneurship in action
  • Kevin Brisebios, Head of Growth at VTVL, who are also an experienced advisor to startups and VCs in Web 3

See you on Aug 25 at the Leadership and Unicorn stage to break the stigmas, and to learn how failure is healthy and essential to learning and growing.