Conference Track
Date 24 Aug 2022 - 25 Aug 2022
Time 09:30 - 17:30 
Asia World Expo  Hong Kong 

As the timeline to archive global climate targets gets shorter and shorter (nearly 97% of companies have felt negative impacts from a changing climate), sustainability has become not just a corporate responsibility but a necessity and the pinnacle of what makes a business successful. Through the help of cloud-based / AI-driven process optimisation, carbon data transparency and enhanced data sharing ecosystems, technology can act as a major accelerant bringing positive impacts on environmental, social and governance goals.

Join us to explore how technology can be a strategic business enabler to speed the journey to Net Zero, while meeting customer demands and achieve cost saving for greater profitability. 

  • Advanced IT energy-aware technologies
  • Green Computing
  • Electronic Waste
  • IT Energy Management
  • Component Level Power Management
  • Power Aware Networking
  • Power-efficient IT Architectures
  • More


Cities like Hong Kong are rapidly evolving, driven by governments, talents in the cities and more and more importantly, technology. Where does the future of Hong Kong as a global city look like in the future? How will technology and innovation reshape the way Hong Kong is structured? Joining us with the insightful dialogue about our paveway to revive Hong Kong with energy, technology and future-proof city map.

A discussion between Google, Microsoft, AWS and IBM. "With great power comes great responsibility", when it comes to driving sustainability in the technology industries, tech giants are bearing higher expectations from regulators, consumers and peers to act more and act faster, as their commitments will potentially result in enormous impacts. What are they doing to lead this green transformation?

Artificial intelligence requiring large amounts of data processing has driven high performance computing servers (HPC) to be increasingly popular while consuming huge amounts of power. The IT infrastructure for hosting such applications is expected to be more reliable and powerful than ever.

The session will cover how our expertise in both E&M and IT area, to design the greenest and edge datacenters to be used in conjunction with our high density HPC datacenter solutions. We will share case highlights on the application of these technologies. Finally, we will showcase how the latest DCIM software maximizes the utility of IoT sensors, to monitor and manage these facilities.

As digital transformation accelerates, data centre capacity continues to boom to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. At the same time, climate change and corporate social responsibility are now driving a mandate for data centre operators. There is mounting pressure from regulators, investors, and customers for data centre operators to act for sustainability.

In this panel, our speakers will discuss how companies can leverage new technologies to respond to the sustainability drivers with a holistic framework, from data centre design, construction to operation. The panel will also share their views on the future of data centres in the context of sustainability.

Silicon Valley showed us that technology has the power to change our world. As Hong Kong strives to become a leading international innovation and technology hub, can we go one-step further to become a Silicon Valley of  Social Impact - or an “Impact Valley” that can change our global citizen’s lives for the better?

This panel discussion features four practitioners from the social impact and technology space, to collectively explore and share their experiences on the power of purpose in unleashing technology for social good while growing business value.